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An economist showcases his research projects

Neven uses his site to describe his expertise on economic development and international finance. He lists his academic publications, research grants, and newspaper editorials. Neven also describes his Global Economy Project and provides links to other websites.

A sociology professor describes her expertise

Franziska describes her research and teaching. She also writes about her research on international conflict resolution and her current research project on youth unemployment. Franziska also uses the website to promote her academic editorial services.

A student uses his online business card in job search

Denis studies economics and regional development. His website displays his education, his internships, job experience, and interests. He uses the website in communications with prospective employers.

A research team disseminates findings

The website is used by a team of experts from the University of Basel in Switzerland and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to post information on their school-to-work research project. They list the project research papers and survey data documentation.
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