About us

MyVizia.com was started by a couple of academics: Neven Valev and Franziska Bieri. It came out of our need to have personal websites where we describe our research, teaching, data sets, etc. Wordpress was an option but it required some technical skills, the Google sites seemed a bit too plain in terms of design, and the platforms Wix and Weebly didn’t offer fitting templates and seemed expensive.

So, we asked the programmers at our online education project The Global Economy to build a platform that can serve us, our colleagues in academia, and other profesisonals. We looked at our vitas of university professors and thought how to arrange that information on a website without any frills. We don’t have time (and interest) to tinker around with the websites and therefore we asked the programmers to make them as simple to use as possible.

The templates at MyVizia.com are text-oriented and are intended for people who have textual information about themselves. Although we tried to make them elegant as well, the main effort was to put content front-and-center.

We hope to be useful with MyVizia.com to various colleagues across fields. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.

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